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BEPS Junior School Council Appointed

We would like to congratulate these amazing students for being elected by their peers to represent their learning community on the Junior School Council:

  • Eartha (Il Nido)
  • Gaston (Il Nido)
  • Sienna (Il Nido)
  • Dante (Biciletta)
  • Michaela (Bicicletta)
  • Lily (Tricicolo)
  • Xavier (Tricicolo)
  • Wilhelmina (Alveare)
  • Taya (Alveare)
  • Jet (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Celine (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Ella (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Nereus (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Zoe (Su Nei Cieli)

Come and see the JSC in action at our weekly Monday morning assembly!

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BEPS Radio Room Streaming Online

The 123 Radio Workshop children have been incredibly busy this term and have produced an awesome podcast that showcases their radio nous. The podcast features an interview with Michael Hole by Charlie and Amelia, an interview with Janet by James and Lola, and an interview with Leigh by Leon and Keelan. The fabulous Keir is our radio host and panel operator.

BEPS Radio

BEPS Radio Station

Please stream the podcast on Soundcloud here –

Congratulations radio team! Stay tuned for more excellent podcasts from the 123 and 456 radio teams in the new year.

Have an excellent holiday,

Mel and Jacinta

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Years 6s Graduate

The BEPS Class of 2013 of 37 students completed their end of year celebrations with a fabulous graduation night.

After weeks of preparations and rehearsals, led by the students themselves, Wednesday 18th December was a night to remember. It all started with a feast of pizza and icecream up in the learning community. The kids danced at the disco, before organising themselves to walk down to the Creten Centre for the formalities in front of their parents.

The Year 6s celebrated the end of their time together, and seven years of primary school, with a number of activities: The Big Day Out to Funfields, a city trip and book buying excursion, and a legacy project that was the wooden sculpture in the south-eastern corner of the yard.

Tree and SchoolYear6-2013-Market-BannerGraduation Certificate 2013

Congratulations Year 6s of 2013, and all the very best for secondary school and beyond!

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