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Cultural Celebration Week

In week 3 of Term 4 2019, BEPS will be hosting a Cultural Celebration week. It intends to feature and celebrate the meld of cultures that make up our school community. Our stories, food, dance, music, art and language lay at the heart of how our culture is shaped and communicated. At this stage, we are requesting from our BEPS community to help, by enlisting to share your family photos, stories, recipes, music, artefacts and anything else you may wish to share.

If you are able to assist us, please contact your child’s LC teacher letting them know what you would like to share, and the age group that it would best suit.

As the week gets closer, we will contact you with further details.

Project Survey Results

Results from our recent forum and survey are detailed in the report in the Newsletter of Monday 3rd June.

The summary is that of the “Big Ticket Projects”, over 50% of parents, carers and teachers suggested that the accessible entrance was a priority for BEPS, followed by the colourfuls, and then the court cover. The students have expressed the wish to have the colourfuls improved, followed by the entrance and the court cover.

With the “Easy Win Projects” the parents, carers, teachers and students have expressed a desire to have a new bike shed built to cater for the overflow of bikes.

Make sure to check out the more detailed report which articulates some of the thinking behind these ideas further in this issue. Dowload the newsletter from here.

Prep Enrolments 2020

If you have a child (sibling of someone already here) who will be attending BEPS in 2020, can I ask that you get your child’s enrolment form in as soon as possible.

If you know other parents in the area who want to enroll their child here next year, can I ask you to please mention enrolment to them and get them to come along on a tour?

It is really important to know the number of siblings and those in our zone so that we can accurately accommodate students outside our area where possible.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded here.

About 3-Way Conferences

A 3-Way Conference actively involves parents, students and teachers reflecting on student  growth as a learner, while acknowledging the most important participants in the learning process – student, teacher and parent/carer. This team looks at the evidence shown in the student’s Learning Journal and listens as the student talks about their learning growth.

The 3-way conferences strengthen the home-school partnership and allows children to see their parents and teacher working together with them. The student can provide  information to clarify what they have learnt, what are the next steps in their learning, and what progress they are making towards this. The student facilitates the conference and is supported by the teacher when needed. As the student develops in confidence, they require less teacher support.

Throughout the conference, parents and the teacher are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and encourage the student and to share their thoughts and ideas on what is being presented.

In short, 3-way conferences provide a forum to develop a student agency for students, parents and teachers to acknowledge student progress and achievement. They are a valuable avenue for involving parents and students in the learning process and helping parents understand the teaching, learning, assessment and reporting process. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the student’s achievements. The 3-way conference benefits the students, parents and teachers.

3-Way Conferences take 15 minutes, and to ensure that all parents and students have the opportunity to meet with their administration teacher

You will be sent a link so that you can choose an interview time from the availability listed for your child’s administration teacher. Your child’s administration teacher will send you the link on June 10th.

Please select a time that is available for this teacher and not one of the other teachers in the Learning Community. This is to ensure that there is an even distribution of students across the LC.

Why do we do it this way?

Professor Hattie, the Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne identifies “student self-reporting as the most significant indicator linked to raised student achievement.”

At BEPS, we also know that it encourages students to reflect on their learning and promotes the articulation of student thinking.

A Final Note

If you are going on holidays during term times, please make sure that you have emailed Janet as she has a responsibility to ensure that students attend school in line with Department requirements. If your holidays clash with the 3-way conferences, we may not be able to offer an alternative time. Additional conferences must be organised through Janet.