BEPS Junior School Council Appointed

We would like to congratulate these amazing students for being elected by their peers to represent their learning community on the Junior School Council:

  • Eartha (Il Nido)
  • Gaston (Il Nido)
  • Sienna (Il Nido)
  • Dante (Biciletta)
  • Michaela (Bicicletta)
  • Lily (Tricicolo)
  • Xavier (Tricicolo)
  • Wilhelmina (Alveare)
  • Taya (Alveare)
  • Jet (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Celine (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Ella (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Nereus (Su Nei Cieli)
  • Zoe (Su Nei Cieli)

Come and see the JSC in action at our weekly Monday morning assembly!

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