La Festa Italiana – Carnevale!

This year Carnevale will be on Wednesday 3rd December. The children come to school dressed in Italian costumes. Eg pizza maker, gondolier, soccer player, Pinocchio, Ferrari driver, waiter, Nonno or Nonna, artist Michelangelo, pasta, gelato or dressed in Italian colours green(verde), white(bianco) and red(rosso), or anything they can think of with an Italian theme. We have had some very creative costumes over the years.

The whole school will be involved in various activities throughout the day. We are looking for helpers in the learning communities with activities and cooking.

It will be a great day. Parents are most welcome to come along and enjoy the day with their child.

If you have any queries, ideas, contacts or are happy to help on the day please email me at  More information and note will follow.