The Nicholson Street Fence

Trees4BEPSAs you may be aware, the Nicholson Street wall is failing and will be re-constructed over the school holidays. If you walk along the footpath, you may have noticed sections of the wall being pushed out. Much of this is due to the activity of the tree roots adjacent to the wall.

As part of the reconstruction, all trees within 1.5 metres of the wall will be removed. The area will look quite changed when the children return from school holidays.

We are aware that many children enjoy this part of the playground as it provides a great environment for open-ended play and will have a connection with the trees that are lost.

Preliminary work has commenced to create an enhanced playground in this area. This work has included the garden design inquiry by the Su Nei Cieli students (4,5,6s). We are hopeful of securing a grant to support the works in this area and to start consulting more broadly with students, teachers and parents in the next term.

Read the attached information from the Trees 4 BEPS team ( to find out more about what’s planned.

The Nicholson Street Wall