General Reminders

Updated: February 19, 2024

A few gentle reminders for the first day, week, and term of school…

Anaphylaxis and food safety

We take student and staff safety extremely seriously. We have several children and staff whom are severely and life threateningly allergic to certain foods. Whilst we don’t ban anything in lunchboxes, we do urge you to consider that at this age, children are not able to fathom the extreme consequences of sharing food or not washing their hands properly. Please ensure you speak to your own child about food safety and make informed and confident choices when packing lunchboxes. Any food bought in to share for celebrations etc must have a list of ingredients so that we can keep everyone safe!

General Permission Forms

These enable us to document and teach your children to the highest possible standard! They also include permission to include your child in the blog posts, videos, quotes and reviews. These will be distributed via a questionnaire on the Compass parent portal.

Clothing, hats, footwear and spares

Please make sure your child is wearing closed footwear! This is important because we are often building, creating, gardening and using real life tools and materials. If your child doesn’t have the right shoes, we will not risk them participating in these activities as we are liable for their safety!

  • Hats – Sun smart hats are compulsory during terms one and four.  Wide brimmed hats only please, no caps!  Please ensure your child’s hat is named and with them EVERY day. Without a hat your child will not be able to go play outside.
  • All kids need to be sunsmart so covered shoulders are also a must!
  • If you would like your child to wear sunscreen, we recommend applying sunscreen before school and putting some in your child’s bag so that they can reapply later in the day.  Teachers are unable to apply sunscreen for the children.
  • Finally, accidents happen, please pack spare undies, socks and shorts!

Toys at school

We don’t encourage children to bring toys to school as we can’t promise they will be kept safe! So all kids need to be responsible for looking after items from home, especially if they take them out to play.

Take Home Reading

We start the home reading program at the end of term one.  It is important that everyone is on the same page when it comes to supporting their child’s learning at home. We will provide more information including home reading protocols and support strategies  in the weeks to come.

Drinks and food

Please send your kid to school with a WATER drink bottle and pieces of fruit and veg for eating on the go! Regular food and water breaks are good for our brains!

Head Lice

We often have reports of head lice (it never ends!) Please be vigilant against these critters, check regularly behind the ears and neck. If you do find them, you must treat your child before they attend school. So, if there are eggs, that’s OK as long as you have put through a treatment. If you do happen to come across lice, please do let your teacher know so they can put out the anonymous alerts!

The Victorian Department of Health provides a handy website to help parents manage head lice.

Consistent attendance

Consistence attendance at school is important. It supports students to make friendships, reduce anxiety, and participate fully in their learning. We know that some days just don’t happen. We are running late, everything has conspired against us, or we are on holidays. no matter what the reason, we are not about judgement or punishment, but we are here to help you give your child the best education possible. So please, let us know if they are away; ask about going on holidays – we will not refuse but may make some suggestions about keeping a journal; and most importantly make sure you get our help if your child is struggling to attend.

Update contact details

Please make sure that if your contact details change, or the contact details of your emergency contacts change, that you update your information. It is very destressing for everyone if, in an emergency, we can’t contact anyone.