Year 7 Transition

Updated 12/8/2020

Parents of Students in Year 6 please see the timeline for the Year 6 to Year 7 acceptance process.

Wednesday 19 August 2020 BEPS will notify parents/carers of Year 6 students of Year 7 placement offers, in writing.
Thursday 20 August 2020 Parents/carers may commence lodging written placement appeals to their preferred secondary school using the Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Placement Appeal Form. We will provide you with this form.
Monday 31 August 2020 Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written placement appeal with their preferred secondary school.
Friday 11 September 2020 Secondary schools notify all parents/carers in writing of the outcome of their placement appeal by this date.

Note: If your appeal to your preferred secondary school is unsuccessful, you may lodge a further written appeal to the relevant Department of Education Regional Director. If you find yourself in this position further information will be given.