Communities of Learners

Updated: April 6, 2024

Here at BEPS, children and teachers work together as communities of learners. In fact, our class organisation is based around mixed-age groupings in flexible Learning Communities. Children learn best when the learning is shared through collaborative inquiry, which helps develop a strong sense of belonging and connection to community.

BEPS promotes critical thinking in students, and requires that members of the community, children and adults, develop respect for each other.

Children work in small groups to engage in collaborative investigation and discussion, constructing understandings, skills, and knowledge shared by the group. Each individual child in a group will then refine their own world view and create new knowledge. Within a community, children learn to listen and communicate respectfully; to challenge and extend their own thinking and that of others; and to gain social confidence and the courage to speak out about things that matter to them.

Learning Communities for 2024:

  • Triciclo (Tricycle) – Prep/Foundation: 
    • Teachers: Jenny, Sophie
  • Bicicletta (Bicycle) – Years 1-2-3
    • Teachers: Julie, Suzanne, Vanessa, Mark
  • Terra Verde (Green Earth) – Years 1-2-3
    • Teachers:  Kristy, Blayne, Kat
  • Il Nido (The Nest) – Years 4-5-6
    • Teachers: Erica, Steve, Nick
  • Su Nei Cieli (Up In The Clouds) – Years 4-5-6
    • Teachers: Rebecca, James G, James H, Kelly, Dean
  • Curiosita:
    • Music – Sarah
    • Drama – Andrew
    • Italian – Enza
    • Physical Education – Brit
    • Garden – Annalise