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Brunswick East Primary School is transitioning many of its manual systems to the online Compass Education School Management System.

Parent Guides

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New Submit Absence Note
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New Download Reports
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New Basic Compass Tasks
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About Compass at BEPS

Read about Compass here:

We are implementing this in an ordered function-by-function process over the coming 12 months.

Use the Compass button on the right to get to the BEPS Compass site, or bookmark

All BEPS families have been sent login details.

There is one login account per household. This means that if your child has parents that live across two households, you might prefer a separate login for the other household. If so, you can download the “Alternative Family Form” and send it to the school office.

Current active features on Compass are:

  • Download semester reports 2020 onwards (usually for BEPS, this is just the opening pages of the learning journal)
  • Update your email address and mobile number for the school’s records
  • View News items that have previously been sent
  • See the absence history of your children

Other functions will be added as we become more used to Compass. We’ll let you know as they come online.

You can obtain the Compass smartphone app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Please continue to contact teachers through the learning community email address, which is the best way to do so. They are:

When you reply to a teacher email from Compass, if you press Reply All, it will also send your response to a non-existant address called It will bounce back, but please know that the teacher will still have received your response.

If you have any difficulties at all, please email