Compass Education Online Portal

Brunswick East Primary School is transitioning many of its manual systems to the online Compass Education School Management System.

You can read about what it is, here:

We are implementing this in an ordered function-by-function process over the coming 12 months. Eventually, families will be invited to login to their own online Compass portal to access school news, give permission for excursions, give absence notifications, and so on. There is even a smartphone app!

However, the first thing that you will notice is that emails from the school and from teachers will soon come directly from Compass.

Please also note, you will still be able to contact teachers through the learning community email address, which is the best way to do so. They are:



Let us know if you believe your email address is not correct with the school or are having any other difficulties receiving Compass emails.

Also continue to use the existing online school absence notifier for now.

Some Extra Notes:

There is no need for parents to attempt to login to Compass at this stage. Please wait for further information on this.

When you reply to a teacher email from Compass, if you press Reply All, it will also send your response to an non-existant address called It will bounce back, but please know that the teacher will still have received your response.

Thanks, and lookout for more info about the transition to Compass Education.