Literate, Numerate and Curious

BEPS COLOUR LOGOBEPS is a state school in the community of Brunswick East, an inner suburb of Melbourne, with around 470 students. We have a long and proud history and a progressive vision for our students growing up in the 21st Century. Brunswick East PS emphasises a developmental approach to learning, with high expectations for all.

We value philosophical inquiry and a sense of curiosity. Children and teachers work together as communities of learners. In fact, our class organisation is based around the idea of multi-aged, flexible Learning Communities.

Our curriculum is differentiated in order to enable personalised learning – we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to education. While literacy and numeracy are emphasised in line with the new Victorian Curriculum, so are the broader goals of personal and social responsibility, creativity, collaboration and multi-modal communication. Teachers discuss these goals in their professional learning and team meetings, using a range of documents such as the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

A culture of inquiry and deep thinking is central to our educational methodology.

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BEPS Leadership

BEPS Year 6s take on leadership roles, including organising and running sports mornings.