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Pop-Up Globe Festival

For One Week Only!

You may have heard that since Term 2, some students in the 456 LCs have been quietly preparing for a special Shakespearean Festival to be held at The Brunswick Mechanics Institute in mid-November.

See the posters in this Newsletter (designed by Ha, Ursula, Nettie and Boyd in 456).

You and your families are most welcome! Tickets for our productions are now available for purchasing online. Ticket sales close THIS Friday 25th October at 3:30pm.

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th November 7pm
Il Nido – ‘Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday 13th November 10am and 6:30pm
Orizzonte – ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream

Friday 15th November – 10am and 6:30pm
Su Nei Cieli – ‘Twelfth Night


Cultural Celebration Week

In week three of Term Four, 21st -25th October, BEPS will be hosting a Cultural Celebration Week. We will celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our school community.

Our culture at BEPS is influenced and shaped by the various intercultural experiences that
are brought to our community by each member. These experiences are communicated
through stories, food, dance, music, art and language.

The sharing of your cultural experiences with the BEPS community will help us make
Cultural Celebration Week a very rich experience for the students at BEPS.